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After-sales service

First, after-sales service
1. Advisory services: users in the use of the process encountered any problems, can call the free consultation Tel: 0755-2360-8948 consultation.
2. Baohuan services: Baohuan period of the product, if there is indeed because of the factory caused by the quality of the problem can be directly with us, will be replaced.
3. Warranty: Warranty period of the product, if there are quality problems, the user can enjoy the local after-sales service center warranty service; local no after-sales service center, commissioned dealers can be warranty service.
1. The date of purchase is based on the date of purchase invoice (no purchase invoice is subject to the date of manufacture).
2. No bar code, serial number products The company does not assume after-sales service obligations.
3. Quality issues do not include the user's personal sound quality, sound and other subjective objections.
4. Replacement, warranty service is limited to the general use of effective: all man-made damage (such as the user to disassemble, improper connection to use, access to improper voltage power, not according to the instructions, etc.), due to transport and other Accidents caused by damage, natural disasters and other force majeure, non-approved by the company's maintenance and modification are not in the replacement, free warranty; maintenance services appropriate charges.
5. Services for discontinued products The company only performs functional repairs (the appearance may differ from the original product)
6. Warranty service does not include shell, manual, packaging
Third, the requirements of the service, please bring the original warranty card and purchase invoice. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoice. Warranty card may not be altered, or void.
Fourth, the use of the company's products, please carefully read the product manual
(Note: The Company reserves the right to interpret the product after-sales service regulations)



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